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Hi, don't leave
your pets behind!

We help take your beloved pets abroad. Here is a list of general requirements to export pets out of Malaysia

General Requirements

Exporting requirements depend on the final destination give by the government. However, this is a list of common requirements required by most. Please contact us for more information about the requirements of the countries you are export to.

  • Pet microchip

  • Rabies Vaccination

  • General Vaccination

  • Health Certificate (Government Vet)

  • Export permit

  • Other requirements (Depends on the destination country. Contact us for more details)

Our export services

Pet travel consultation

Manifested cargo booking

Veterinary visit (for vaccines and other things)

Health certificate

Export permit

Customs clearance

Pet transport

Pet Travel Options



In cabin

Excess baggage/ checked baggage

Pets travelling as checked baggage must be on the same flight as the accompanying passenger booked through the airline passenger reservation office at the time of the passenger flight booking.

  • Airlines regulate which pet can be accepted as excess baggage and may have restrictions regarding size or breed.

  • Pets are not tracked with an airway bill number

  • Delay can mean that your pets are on the tarmac for extended times with the rest of the luggage

  • Pets are subject to stricter temperature restrictions and breed restrictions due to pets moved with general luggage and exposed to longer time exposed to the elements on the tarmac

  • Excess baggage pets are not transported in climate-controlled cargo

  • Cost is cheaper than shipping as manifested cargo

  • Some countries will not allow pets travel as excess baggage

  • Not all airlines will allow pets to be booked as excess baggage

Manifested cargo

Manifested cargo pets travel unaccompanied and do not require a passenger on the same flight.

  • Pets fly below the plane in temperature and pressure-controlled cargo hold.

  • Pets always need to travel in an IATA approved travel crate

  • Pets travel with pet safe airline as manifested cargo is handled by specifically trained workers to handle live animals and ensure the safe transport of pets. The pets are given priority, transported in climate-controlled vehicle to and from the aircraft, are loaded last on, first off and time on the tarmac during this process is limited

  • Pets are tracked throughout their journey by their air waybill number

  • Pet booked  as manifested cargo is more expensive due to higher level of standard care and the rates of frieght vs buggage and is determined based on size & weight of the crate and the pet

In cabin

Not all airlines allow pets to travel in cabin. Different airlines have different rules (Please check with the airline)

  • Pet must be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you

Wondering how to measure your pet for the travel crate?

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